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One of the biggest digital marketing myths is that you need to build a huge social media audience to sell online. That’s plain wrong. 

The Pencil and Pad will help you establish the right balance between branded, curated content and getting the most out of your Facebook advertising spend. 


Words sell. 

The Pencil and Pad specialises in web copy and content marketing campaigns. Our writers have written about everything from skincare and sleep to tax and technology; from faith and finance to beer and blinds and just about everything in between.

Lead magnets and landing pages

Generate more potential customers with a lead magnet. Create fact-sheets, e-books, webinars or white papers as lead magnets  to bring clients into your universe.

Drive customers back to beautifully designed landing pages for the opt-in where you can nurture your growing email list.

Email direct marketing

Email marketing is dead. 


That is just dead wrong. 


Sign up for 4 days of email direct marketing so I can show you how it’s done. 


Unsubscribe anytime. 

Communications consultancy

Get your communications strategy right from the start and you can save potentially thousands of dollars in wasted words, design and digital tools.

We’ll meet with you to take a look under the bonnet of your communications strategy. 

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