Seeing your business
through the eyes of a


Seeing your Business Through the Eyes of a Copywriter is a 5-hour workshop that will change how you see your business or organisation.

Copy is crucial to the success of your business. Yet too many businesses lack a clear, consistent message across their channels. I should know! I’m the one who is hired to clean up the mess! I’ve created this course to workshop with you the three principles that will provide laser focus and consistency to your messages even before you pick up a pen to start writing!

This course is a MUST if you

In this course you will learn


Features tell, but benefits sell!

I’ll lead you through a deep benefit analysis of your product or service. Focus on the benefit, and you’ll never look at your business the same again!


The hero story.

The customer is not always right – but they are the hero of your story! Every story since time immemorial has the same pattern – Somebody wants something, and something is standing in their way. I’ll show you how your product is your customers path to a better life.



Learn how to establish and maintain a consistent voice across all your sales channels from your website to your socials and sales copy.

How much?

$490 pp (inc. GST)

Working lunch included
Wollongong based location
30 pages of notes

When and Where?

Wednesday November 8 2023

The Signature Building, Regent St. Wollongong

8:30am - 2:30pm

Register here

About Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly is the owner of The Pencil and Pad and Cornerstone Teacher Learning. He has published, give or take, about a million words including 7 history books, about 15 websites
and 100s of content articles in industries as diverse as finance, faith, professional services, tax, allied health, psychology, fast moving consumer goods, hospitality, wine, home
furnishings, real estate, education, technology and more!

He’s also had over 2,000 people attend his education courses with Cornerstone with a focus on teaching teachers to write. He also helps small business owners and start-ups craft and shape their message (and he is even known to dabble a bit in their product development).