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Mark Luty is one of Australia’s most in demand business coaches. 

And if nearly three decades in sales, marketing and training with some of the world’s leading brands, including Levi, Shiseido and Dermalogica, have taught him anything, it’s this. 

Results matter. 

“It’s my job to help you get more of what you want.” Mark says.

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Staff Training


Upselling is one of the most powerful drivers of new revenue. A Harvard Business Study review found that 64% of customers bought more simply because they were asked. Upselling is the superpower of increased sales and best of all? It costs nothing. 

In this 4 hour course, Mark will teach you the art of upselling, rebooking and the power of the life time value of a customer.


Culture eats vision for breakfast. It doesn’t really matter what it says on your vision board in the lunch room. It’s the hidden curriculum that matters. Culture is all the little unspoken rules that really show ‘how things are done around here.’ 

In this 4 hour course, Mark will show you the power of culture and what it means to build a positive team culture. 


Leaders are made, not born. The art of leadership is about getting the most out of your people, and taking them in the direction of the organisation, inspiring results and having a bloody good time while doing it.  

In this 4 hour course, Mark will show you how to get the best results with the people under your leadership.

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