The world's leading provider of small wheel data

Briometrix captures footpath data that leads to more insight better decisions greater accessibility connected cities


Brio’s breakthrough logger technology and trained wheelchair users combine to capture the most accurate, ground-based data.


Brio aggregates over 40 data points every metre into consumable data packets that provide insight into your footpaths.


Brio’s software platform provides a window into the quality of your footpaths with a Mastermap synced with video and images.

Seeing the world through wheels

Wheels are leading the change in how we use our footpaths. Understanding how wheels for mobility, leisure or delivery move on our footpaths opens up our cities for more opportunities to work, shop and play.

Briometrix leads the way in helping you understand your footpaths.

Data that creates powerful conversations

Start powerful conversations about how your city moves. Enhance existing datasets, get better insights into projects and make better planning decisions for engineering and works.

Our rich and detailed data leads to more inclusive, accessible and better connected cities.

It's how you use the data that matters

It’s not just data. It’s how you use it. Travellers want maps, delivery services want efficient routes, councils want risk litigation reduction and people with limited mobility want the confidence to get out and about.

Briometrix captures data that matters for your project

Let Brio help you understand the relationship between effort connectivity accessibility

“And it’s the kind of thing you can only do by going on the ground, and using this technology to gather this really incredibly rich data.”

Martin Heng, Inclusive Travel Advocate

“[We measured] the inclines and the slopes… marking kerb ramps, crossings, trip hazards, whether they’re minor or major and marking all the types of foot path surfaces.”

Bevan Kearsley, Project Pilot Sunshine Coast

Briometrix data solutions for

Local Government

Public Transport

Parks and Greenways



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