Brad Kelly

Senior writer and business strategist

Brad (BA Comms and History, M Ed) is managing director, senior writer and business strategist at The Pencil and Pad. 

He’s written seven books, over 200 articles and nearly 500,000 professionally published words in industries as diverse as education, motoring, finance, lifestyle, technology, professional services, faith, medical and more! That’s proof that Brad has an insatiable curiosity for … just about anything! 

But digital marketing? 

To be honest, Brad took a bit of convincing that it was really ‘a thing’.  But once he realised that online sales was really about real people, spending real money that they earned in real life – he was hooked.  And he wasn’t going to let the whipper-snappers have all the fun. 

After all, he emerged out of high school at the front end of the information technology age during the recession we had to have, taking his first job selling analogue mobile phones before it all went digital. A passion for history led him into the classroom for 15 years where he was eventually spat out of the other side a textbook writer and a tour guide (he still leads history tours to Germany and Italy each year), before going freelance for a few years. 

Here I am. All grown up. Mid-40s. Playing with lead magnets and landing pages, sales funnels and email automations. But mostly passionate about helping you go digital. 

Isabel van Gent

Writer and social media strategist

Isabel (BA Writing) is a writer and social media strategist at The Pencil and Pad. 

Since she started at the end of 2018, Isabel has written for a wide range of clients in industries such as real estate, skin and beauty, education, finance, home improvements, fine wine (!) – and much more. 

Some people have all the fun. 

With a post-graduate degree in design, Isabel has an intuitive knack for colour, shape and layout to make our clients social media feeds tell a consistent visual story, a skill that is complimented by her ability to write a crisp caption that falls, liquid like, off the page. 

Isabel has a reputation for building strong client relationships with regular check-ins and campaign planning meetings. In fact, one of our clients was so impressed they even called her the Co. in the company name! 

Whether Isabel is working on a new conceptual design or writing a content article about the rules of backyard cricket or growing a vegetable patch on the verandah, you can be sure she brings her A-game to every piece of creative.

Ally Geaghan

Social media strategist and designer

Ally (Bachelor of Commerce) is a social media strategist and designer at The Pencil and Pad. 

Since she started in August 2020, Ally has been the driving force behind a range of conceptual designs and delivery in industries such as corporate and youth events, sleep, skin, education, professional services, author talks – and more! 

Ally is our David to the tech Goliath – slinging stones at the settings of each digital tool to make that landing page more sleek; the advertisement reach a warmer target or a lead magnet more attractive. Currently, Ally has an undefeated fight record against tech. 

In addition to creating beautiful social media feeds for her clients, Ally also produces a range of e-books for the education arm of the business, Cornerstone Teacher Learning and our author talks arm. 

With a unique mix of design and technical know-how, Ally is the perfect team member to help you go digital. 

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