Welcome to The Pencil and Pad.

We write web copy, content and social about your people and products that attract eyeballs and support sales. We want to understand why your business is the obvious choice in your field and then tell everyone about it.

We have an ear for business. Our team of experienced writers has published – at last count, give or take a couple of hundred words – 384,800 words in industries as diverse as finance, education, real estate, technology, insurance, professional services, lifestyle, motoring and much more.

Based in the Illawarra, we’ve been helping businesses across the South Coast and Sydney communicate their place in the market – because we believe that people just want to do business with people.

Brad Kelly
The Pencil and Pad

“The job of the writer is not to supply the ideas. It is to be patient enough to find the ideas.”
Malcolm Gladwell
“For reasons I find hard to explain, we want great writing to be predictable and unpredictable at the same time.”
Roy Peter Clark
“The most successful stories have simple plots with complex characters.”

What We Do

Simple. We tell stories about you and your business.

Stories have a powerful influence on the way we think and behave. Our team of professional writers make it our business to know your business.

We get beneath your experience and expertise to find your why.

We’re interested in the puzzle you’re trying to solve, the path you’ve taken to get here and where you want to get to next. Knowing your why is at the heart of a great story.

We show who you are in your marketplace to give your potential clients compelling reasons why your organisation is the obvious choice.

We create content that attracts eyeballs with a focus on building a consistent brand message that connects with your audience.

We are experienced professional writers who deliver on time and on budget to a brief. We have experience writing in Australia, Asia and Europe on projects ranging from books to blogposts to web copy to content marketing. We’ve delivered 100,000 word projects and 140 character tweets.

The Pencil and Pad can

Find your story

We help find your niche and craft your story. Sometimes an outside pair of eyes and ears can uncover a story about your company worth telling. We build a narrative across your website, social media and content marketing that forms a powerful connection with your clients.

Find a better story 

Some stories are tired or no longer relevant. We help refresh your brand by uncovering your new company story, direction or product line and create consistent copy to build a new audience awareness.

Website copy

We write website copy that showcases your products and people in clear, simple and direct ways.

Content marketing

We write timely, topical blog posts or articles to help you become a thought leader in your field. Our writers have experience writing well-researched articles that target both consumers and B2B clients.

Staff profiles

We write profiles that show the human side of your organisation Because we believe that people just want to do business with people. We believe that everyone has a compelling story and we want to get under it.

Brand strategy

We put together content campaigns that deliver a consistent message between your website and social media channels.


We take care of social media with monthly scheduling and maintenance, including posting and managing budgets for advertising.

B2B marketing

We help you communicate your products to your B2B clients. We write clear, simple and direct copy to show why your business is the obvious supplier in your supply chain.

Corporate histories

We create well researched corporate histories that put your business in its social, economic and cultural context to mark important dates such as anniversaries.


We can train your staff how to write more effective copy for day to day communications and corporate writing.

Website development

We work with our affiliate Wheelhouse Design to design your corporate logos and look.

Whether you are a stock broker or scientist, truckie or tradie, dog trainer or dancer– you can trust us with your stories.
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Some of Our Work




Brad has written staff profiles for businesses from financial planners and winemakers to archaeologists and real estate agents; from beauty therapists and writers to truck drivers and everything in between.

Meet the archaeologist
Dr. Estelle Lazer

A teacher’s presentation on an Antarctic expedition lit a fire under an 8-year-old Estelle Lazer to become an archaeologist.

Read Profile
Meet the real estate agent
Tim Bartlett

It’s rare that Tim Bartlett doesn’t get up on his feet to finish some tale he is telling. Such is his love of a good story and its place in understanding people and their real estate dreams. 

Read Profile
Meet the financial planner
Robert Sekulovski

If there is one thing The Wealth Quay’s Principal Robert Sekulovski has learned over two decades as a financial planner, it is the importance of starting early or with little.

Read Profile


“We started with one book. In the end, Brad wrote five textbooks for me when I was a Publishing Editor at Nelson Cengage. I kept getting back to him because he delivered what we needed. He understood the brief. He listened. He asked questions I hadn’t thought of. He took on board feedback. Brad fulfilled every publishers dream, by submitting his manuscripts on time. I’ve no reservations about endorsing Brad’s work ethic, attention to detail and his proven capacity to deliver.”

Michael Spurr, publishing editor

“When we hired Brad and the team at The Pencil and Pad to help us launch our business, we hit the jackpot. They were hardworking, knowledgeable, reliable – and friendly. The final product was outstanding. Brad and Isabel always went above and beyond. They understood us and our business right from the beginning. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Tim and Alana Bartlett, Bartlett and Co. Property

“Brad from The Pencil and Pad was introduced to me from our web designer and from the get go we developed a great partnership with Brad and his team. He helped The Wealth Quay with some great web content and personal profile write ups that blends nicely with our vision. Brad’s approach is very professional and no task is ever an issue. He is always open for suggestions and feedback on the work he completes. I found his ability to listen to the desired goals and outcomes and strives to meet the aligned goals is an important quality to have. The collaboration was seamless, I’m extremely grateful for his time and guidance.”

Robert Sekulovski, The Wealth Quay

“Brad co-wrote my memoir Reflections of a Lucky Ratbag. He was able to get his head across a range of disciplines including economics, psychology and philanthropy to write a coherent narrative that told a very human story about my life across five continents and three careers. He delivered 100,000 words on time and his careful attention to detail, regular updates on progress, and ability to spot the angle in each section while maintaining a strong narrative arc made him a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad.”

Dr. David Morawetz, Founder and Director Social Justice Fund  

“Brad is a versatile and reliable writer. He’s adept at researching new topics, finding strong angles and figuring out what makes a story or situation ‘tick’. He’s one of my regular writers and I recommend him to anyone looking for copy that needs to attract eyeballs.”

Michael Butler, ThinkAbout Content

“Good content is really important for shaping your brand’s message, engaging people, and SEO. This is why we use and recommend The Pencil and Pad’s copywriting services for all our clients. We have been really impressed with their level of investment into our clients, and dedication to pursuing the essence of each unique brand.”

 Jeremy Ham – Partner, Wheelhouse Design

Who We Are

Brad Kelly
Senior writer and founder

Brad Kelly is a professional writer with an insatiable curiosity about people and business. He cut his teeth in London in 2008, writing content for a variety of business and technology clients. A former history teacher, Brad wrote his first book for a small publisher about the Nazi architect Albert Speer, before writing four other textbooks with the major publisher Cengage Nelson on The Changing World OrderThe World Order 1945-2011The Cold War and Investigating Modern History. He recently ghost-wrote a memoir of an Australian philanthropist and former World Bank consultant (Reflections of a Lucky Rat Bag in publication). Brad still scratches his history itch by leading student and teacher Modern History tours of Germany, Russia and Italy for Academy Travel.

In 2016, Brad took the full-time writing plunge and he has written over 200 articles in areas as diverse as lifestyle, business, technology, insurance, real estate, motoring, personal finance – including writing for trade magazines and websites. He has interviewed scientists, archaeologists, C-suite executives, luxury brand designers, truck drivers, doctors and many more. He has written content for or about some of the world’s leading brands. Brad writes customer facing and B2B content.

Brad is fascinated with people at work and so at the end of 2019, he established The Pencil and Pad. Brad is passionate about working with business owners to identify their why, find their niche and communicate their message.

Isabel van Gent

Isabel van Gent is a professional writer and social media strategist. She graduated from Macquarie University with a degree in writing and has post graduate qualifications in design. She has worked for Cornerstone Teacher Learning and The Pencil and Pad as a content writer, conducting interviews and writing customer facing and B2B content in the areas of education, writing, real estate, insurance, technology and financial planning for a variety of local and national clients.

Having worked closely with a range of small business owners over the years, including winemakers, jewellers, café owners and professional services, Isabel understands the persistence and resilience required to succeed in the small business journey.

Isabel is also a creative social media strategist who is able to tailor a campaign that meets the needs of clients. She is the real deal, with an intuitive knack backed up by technical expertise to reach your audience on Facebook and Instagram.

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